Sunday, 1 May 2011

You know you want me ;)

No I don't!
We will just have to work on that.
Before we start this journey. This beautiful relationship. You and me.
Stop it Croagunk! I'm not trying to seduce this innocent reader who has stumbled upon this magnificent blog of mine. Croak. Ouch.
Maybe you were lead here by my friend, Takashi. It was not my wish to build a castle for him start a blog, nor was it my desire to "post stuff purely on games". Now for the readers of his blog who took a peek, I will satisfy your needs...Meet me here and not over there next week. Oh, and remember to bring a condom. You never know what may happen. What happens in McDonald's, Stays in Mcdonald's.
Plots revenge. Too lazy. 
I'm not hilarious. I know Fire>Grass>Water>Fire.
If everything I have written so far has been unable to bore you and convince you my blog will be crap: I welcome you, stranger, to my awesome crazy nerdy cool sexy pokemon normal world. I am MLighting and I need to go play Pokemon.

No I don't. I need to sleep.