Saturday, 31 August 2013

League of Legends

Silver 5
Silver 4
Silver 3
Silver 2
Silver 1
Gold 5
Gold 4
Because fuck me, I'm the noob, and my teammates are noobs, therefore the only possibility of winning lies within the hearts of the enemy team. Buy oracles, Spam wards, Win all games - Sun Tzu, Art of LoL.

I have come back to blog. Why? I have lived over 1/4 of my expected life expectancy, consequently I have started looking into anti-ageing products and strolling through Ebay for unicorn blood("They don't exist!"Ha! you muggles).

What do I have to offer you?
My sexy body. shhh...Gold 4 advice and the wise words from a person who has lived 1/4 of their expected life expectancy. About how awesome the humble bundle was before I found out some games required Origin. Then deciding, "well lets experience Origin, it can't be" - Nope. 

He looked into my eyes and whispered, "Let me in". I wanted him, I had to approve "Yes". He crept closer, placing his lips next to my ear. I could feel his breath melting my ears as he whispered "Let me in." A thought wandered in"Do I want to allow him to change me?". "Yes!" I roared back, the hunger increasing, I was so close. I wanted him. My desire to play was overriding all my other other emotions and thoughts . I struck, ripping off  his clothes - I guess this is too much details.  Don't worry. Td;lr I installed Origin.

 These rumors must have originated form somewhere, no? Takashi and I were unable to play BF3 for like ever, due to us " playing in Co-Op with each other" while totally not having Battlefield 3 running. This led us to nearly having to resort to turn everything off and on again. 
I hear there going to be a an episode. SoonTM :)